Only $595.00 


          Open Air Booth

Our booth is similar to this.  We don't offer sparkle backgrounds. 


           How does getting a Photo Booth for a great affordable price that includes.....well....everything sound???  Alot of photo booth companies are around the $700 price and up for a regular style.  We offer an awesome Open Air style booth.  Our price and styles also include a Scrapbook. YES, a Scrapbook.  Scrapbooks are usually $150 to $200 extra on top of the booth price. These are really a nice touch!  At the end of the night, you have a book filled with fun images and heart felt thoughts from family and friends.  So again, if you are looking for an awesome deal for a Photo booth or you thought it wasn't in your budget, think again.    






​Whats included in our Packages......

4 hours of Photobooth.

We set up 2 hours before the event begins. NOT when we start.

Open Air Booth

Online photo gallery
FREE membership on

Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Reprints

Memory book filled with photos and messages (Black or White Pages)

Prop Box

Setup - We ensure our booth is setup and tested BEFORE guests walk through the door.

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