The MIRROR package includes...

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How it Works
The Mirror Photobooth is a full-size, 5-foot-tall mirror with Touch Technology! A DSLR camera is behind the mirror and a flash is on top.  To get started you can either touch the screen, smile or wave your hands to make it start. The Magic Mirror then interacts with you using animated graphics and voice commands. After it takes a few fun pictures you can sign your name with your finger and even place Emojis on your print.  It then prints on your photo!  The experience is completely personalized with themed animation (when applicable), customized photos and many other incredible features that make this photobooth like no other in Columbus!!!  
The Mirror Photobooth is the perfect way to make your Wedding Reception awesome and memorable!!  Both kids and adults agree that it is a HUGE hit.  We are different from most photobooth companies in Columbus.  The Mirror is an experience and not just a machine that prints pictures with a bunch of random props.

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Below is a list of all the features that we offer with The Mirror booth!

Receive all the above package and look forward to                          YOUR Mirror experience all for only.....


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The  MIRROR  Photobooth 

                                            NEW PhotoBooth experience 

*  4 Hours of the interaction and FUN that TheMirror B​ooth             offers!

* Unlimited Prints for everyone!

* 2x3 Unlimited prints Strips  


* A fun, trained booth specialist to keep everybody               having a good time!

* Props - The traditional table with all kinds of        FUN stuff!!!

* On Screen Virtual Props.  (Add $75)

        (This has become a Mirror Booth specialty! Instead of having your guests take those hats and mustaches and favors that other people have handled, you can now place all this directly on yourself through the Mirror.  It's a sanitary way of having fun!)

 Special software includes, Emoji's, Signing your image and much       more!  

​*  GIF Feature - Allows Texting, FaceBook, Twitter of your images            directly from TheMirror! 

 All your Mirror Booth images on CD! USB - Add $25

Guest Signature Book.  (This is another awesome addition to        your Mirror Booth experience. Usually this is an upgrade price for                      other companies.  Cost can range from $150 to $200 additional.  This acts        like your Guest Sign in Book.  By the end of the night, you have some very        heart felt messages and congrats from friends and family