Shooting in all the popular styles such as....

Natural Light, Traditional Classic, Romantic and Journalistic. 

Most Photographers today shoot in only one style.   Check out our Images on the Wedding Images Page. 

“Confidence comes down to Believing in yourself!  Believing in yourself comes from putting yourself in important spots and doing the job again and again. Strive to be better.....always."......Johnny Bench

We pride ourselves at Moments Into Memories Photography for being one of the top Columbus Wedding companies that offers the "One Stop Shop" experience.               


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We have a unique outlook on this industry.  First and foremost, we don't want to visit with you to try to give you a sales pitch.  That's the reason why we won't say "Our packages start at...."  We are upfront with our pricing so you can, together, decide privately, what you think you you want for your day and most of all what you can afford.  Then, at that time, we can set up a time to visit.  Visit our Packages and Pricing page above for all our details. If you like what you see, please go to the CONTACT PAGE and send it to us.   

Second, we love that we can offer 4 of the most popular services in the wedding industry.  Photography, Video, DJ and Photobooth. Combining services with one company not only saves you money, but those services will run smoothly because we all work together.  Our pricing is some of the best in the industry for all 4 services.  When you combine services, we give multi-service discounts which can save you hundreds.  

Take a look around.  Each page has the pricing for whatever you're looking for.  Purchase one service or all four.  The choice is yours.  If you like what you see please fill out our contact page and we'll get together and chat about all your details.  We look very forward to hearing from you soon.